Chapter 1

Nothing seemed happier than sitting up late in my four-room dorm imaging stories. My name is Kara Kentucky. Things seemed weird at Clara State college. First, Tania was not my best friend because she said I was not mature enough. And now, all my things are stolen because of Lia, a pesky bully that just likes other people’s stuff.

 Chapter 2

‘’ Hello, Keisha! Nice to meet you,’’ I waved to the other girl across the hall. I am on my way to my classroom. Don’t forget this, I study algebra and literature.

Chapter 1

Where is it?

Something wasn’t right in John Higgin’s room. He searched and searched, but he couldn’t find his favorite golden book anywhere. ‘’who stole my favorite golden book and didn’t return it?’’ asked John in a suspicious violent voice.

‘’Not me,’ squeaked Annabel sitting on the doorstep.

‘’ then who did it?’’ cried John. ‘’I need it now!’’

‘’I know whom it did,’ said Annabel. Three friends named Ornella, Tamino, and Briana.’’



A wind blew in the courtyard of Pelly Grace. The gray sky filled with clouds moved silently past. Piles of leaves buried the rotted ground. Three or four buildings still as statues lay on the ground. Nothing was stirring or loud. Everything was still as a mouse.

A minute later, the sky seemed to fall, and then, the clouds disappeared. Later, a big blue bird sailed across the sky. It was carrying a message from the past.

It said:

Dear Pelly and Maggie:

There is a wedding at Aunt Maria’s house.

Will you come?


Bonny D. Grace

Of course, the bird was sending the letter to Pelly and Maggie. Later, when Maggie and Pelly discovered the wedding, they both laughed and jumped up and down. Then, they wore the finest dresses they could find. They practiced their manners.                                                                               

  ‘’I can’t believe that we are going to our aunt’s wedding!’’ cried Maggie.

‘’Me too,’’ said Pelly. Their mom was going to drive them. When they got there, they realized that they had to wait.

‘’ Maggie! Come on, you need to be the flower girl,’’ called Aunt Maria.

Too bad. Pelly did not like waiting and wanted to be the flower girl.                               

Why choose that innocent girl named Maggie? thought Pelly. She felt like wrecking a wedding. The decorations were up, everything was ready except the guests were not there yet. When their mom wasn’t looking, Pelly tore the paper decorations off, took off the flowers from the chairs, and stomped her feet until they hurt. By that time, mom noticed and ran to Pelly.

‘’Look what you’ve done!’’ cried mom. She was so angry that she almost exploded.

The decorations were ripped into shreds and the flowers were spilled on the ground.

                ‘’I was just so upset!’’


                ‘’It’s not fair that Maggie is the flower girl.’’

                ‘’I understand.’’

                ‘’Let’s all fix this together.’’

They picked the flowers up and once settled them on the chairs. Then, they taped the decorations back where they belong. When the wedding started, they were all happy.


You never know if there is a happy ending after a horrible problem in the very middle.

Chapter 1

A girl named Harley Thomas is now tucked into her snug, warm feather bed. The stormy cold weather was howling outside, even the curtains with black leather were trembling and shivering. ‘’It’s so cold that I’m about to freeze to death, ’Harley whispered. Her shiny blond hair was flying everywhere. She noticed that it was cold, but she did not notice that she was asleep.

Chapter 2

In Harley’s dream, there was a huge parade with huge colorful balloons in the air.  There was an ice cream stand and a churn seller. It was warm and there was not a single cloud blocking the blue sky. Thousands of chairs lined up in a row. Harley heard music overhead.  There must be a show, thought Harley, but when she turned around, there was no show.

Then, three statues appeared next to the chairs, and suddenly, the statues flew away. Suddenly, a great foggy cloud rolled past the chairs, and they were gone, too. Harley didn’t look where she was going, she tripped and fell into a hole, and saw two strong men holding large rocks.     Then, they started to fight, and Harley wondered why and where she was. 

‘’Excuse me, gentlemen, where am I?’’

‘’You are in the fair land.’’    

‘’What’s that?’’     

‘’Why, it’s the land where everything is fair!’’

‘’Why, that’s impossible!’’

‘’Nothing is impossible.’’

‘’Well, thank you for the information anyway,’ said Harley.

‘’Wait! There’s something I still have a question about-

Too late. The men were already gone.

Chapter 3

On the other side, Harley was waking up. First, she stretched and yawned. Then, without blinking, slowly her eyes opened. Without hesitating, she only realized that it was only a dream.  Today was also the first day of school, so she was so excited.

Lily and Gwen are best friends.

They did everything together. Lily is messy and mean while Gwen is not. Every day, Lily and Gwen went to school. They are in the same class; their teacher was Mrs. Shelly Gray. Often, Lily and Gwen liked to call her Mrs. Gray. One day, Mrs. Gray passed down the spelling test. It was difficult for Lily. She felt like crying and she forgot to study her spelling on Friday. Suddenly, she had an awful idea. A very bad idea. When Mrs. Gray shouted out the first word, very slowly, Lily peeked at Gwen’s paper. Then, she wrote the word on her paper. ‘’Peek,’’ said Mrs. Gray as she saw Lily sneak over the paper. When Lily got home from school, she dashed into her bedroom. Mom went to check Lily’s backpack as usual. When she discovered what happened at school, she went straight to the bedroom. ‘’Honey, I want to talk to you for a second, ’she said. Did you peek at Gwen’s spelling?’’
‘’Yes, I did! Lily cried. Only I didn’t know what to do and I forgot to study my words.’’ Mom gave Lily a comforting pat. Then, she told Lily that she once cheated, too. Then, Lily felt a great relief around her body. So, she never ever cheated again.

The End
Snip snap snout, this tale’s told out.

Once upon a time, there was a poor widower and seven children. They lived in a little cottage near the big woods of Wisconsin, now and then. The widower hadn’t had a job for years and everyone at home was starving. His work was going to become bankrupt, and his workers were fired. So, he retired, and now there was barely enough money for the family and food.

One day, the widower’s children went out and found an apple seed. The widower was so mad at them for going out that he threw the seed outside in the firm rich soil.

“Now, you don’t dare to go out again,” cried the widower. Poor kids. They didn’t mean for doing such nonsense. The next day, they were very surprised that the seed had grown into a big apple tree.

They went on exploring and found an apple. It was not just a golden apple but filled with gold. They had earned the apples and they were very happy. Dad got a job again, and they became once and for all. Then, they lived happily ever after.


Splat! The paint litter dropped on the sidewalk. ‘’Uh oh!’’cried Lily. ‘’Mom’s gonna be mad at me.’’Lily dashed to her friend Gwen’s house. ‘’Mom’s gonna kill me, mom’s gonna kill me,’’ Lily sang. ‘’No, she’s not gonna kill you,’’ replied Gwen. ‘’But she’s gonna be furious at me,’’ whispered Lily sadly. ‘’I was permitted for a job, clean my room.’’ ‘’I think I can help you with that,’’ smiled Gwen.’’But, you have to let me come into your room.’’ Now, Lily was worrying about Gwen getting mad!

Chapter 2

‘’We’ll organize your room first, and then we’ll paint your room afterward, replied Gwen. There were tissues on the floor, candy wrappers in the bed, and books that were not arranged right. I don’t understand why there is so much junk in your room.’’The candy wrappers were in the sunny yellow cushions, and they were all stuck on one end, nobody could scratch them off the bed. First, they had to empty the bed. They dumped the bed pillows onto the floor. They scattered the cushions on the table. ‘’We’ll try to clean out the candy wrappers by ripping the cushions,’’ sighed dear friendly Gwen. They had no choice, so they had to get new cushions from the furniture-friendly storage place.

Chapter 3

Lily and Gwen dumped the cushions in the cushion garbage bin. They rummaged around the desk to see if there were candy wrappers, too. Next, they checked the floor to see if there were any tissues scattered to attract mice. Then, they cleared the shelf to avoid cockroaches. Now, everything was settled into place except the bed and the walls. ‘’Now, it’s time to go to the storage,’’ exclaimed Gwen.

Chapter 4

‘’Off together!’’ shouted Lily. They got all of their money and off they went. They saw pink cushions and orange cushions, but they didn’t see yellow cushions, so they end up getting orange cushions. When they arrived home, they pulled up the cushions onto the bed. Then, they started to paint the walls turquoise. Gwen painted the bottom, while Lily painted the top.

Chapter 5

Mom came home early, but Lily and Gwen were already done. ‘’Wow! Said mom as she looked around the room. Lily and Gwen had a huge smiles on their faces. ‘’Well, the reward for cleaning your room is going on a camping trip.’’Now and then, Lily never forgot to clean her room again. 

Sue the rabbit lay awake for a very long time.She could not sleep well last night because it was very noisy.Today is the day, she thought.The wind was blowing hard outside the castle.
The thunder clouds were rolling in a blur of gray in the sky. Sue shivered and wrapped her arms tightly.  It’s cold,  she thought.
The next day, it was stormy again.  Sue couldn’t believe it!  She had something marvelous to do.
She quietly got dressed and ran out of the door.  She was so excited she haven’t even had a chance to eat breakfast yet.