Once upon a time, there was a poor widower and seven children. They lived in a little cottage near the big woods of Wisconsin, now and then. The widower hadn’t had a job for years and everyone at home was starving. His work was going to become bankrupt, and his workers were fired. So, he retired, and now there was barely enough money for the family and food.

One day, the widower’s children went out and found an apple seed. The widower was so mad at them for going out that he threw the seed outside in the firm rich soil.

“Now, you don’t dare to go out again,” cried the widower. Poor kids. They didn’t mean for doing such nonsense. The next day, they were very surprised that the seed had grown into a big apple tree.

They went on exploring and found an apple. It was not just a golden apple but filled with gold. They had earned the apples and they were very happy. Dad got a job again, and they became once and for all. Then, they lived happily ever after.