Lily and Gwen are best friends.

They did everything together. Lily is messy and mean while Gwen is not. Every day, Lily and Gwen went to school. They are in the same class; their teacher was Mrs. Shelly Gray. Often, Lily and Gwen liked to call her Mrs. Gray. One day, Mrs. Gray passed down the spelling test. It was difficult for Lily. She felt like crying and she forgot to study her spelling on Friday. Suddenly, she had an awful idea. A very bad idea. When Mrs. Gray shouted out the first word, very slowly, Lily peeked at Gwen’s paper. Then, she wrote the word on her paper. ‘’Peek,’’ said Mrs. Gray as she saw Lily sneak over the paper. When Lily got home from school, she dashed into her bedroom. Mom went to check Lily’s backpack as usual. When she discovered what happened at school, she went straight to the bedroom. ‘’Honey, I want to talk to you for a second, ’she said. Did you peek at Gwen’s spelling?’’
‘’Yes, I did! Lily cried. Only I didn’t know what to do and I forgot to study my words.’’ Mom gave Lily a comforting pat. Then, she told Lily that she once cheated, too. Then, Lily felt a great relief around her body. So, she never ever cheated again.

The End
Snip snap snout, this tale’s told out.