Chapter 1

A girl named Harley Thomas is now tucked into her snug, warm feather bed. The stormy cold weather was howling outside, even the curtains with black leather were trembling and shivering. ‘’It’s so cold that I’m about to freeze to death, ’Harley whispered. Her shiny blond hair was flying everywhere. She noticed that it was cold, but she did not notice that she was asleep.

Chapter 2

In Harley’s dream, there was a huge parade with huge colorful balloons in the air.  There was an ice cream stand and a churn seller. It was warm and there was not a single cloud blocking the blue sky. Thousands of chairs lined up in a row. Harley heard music overhead.  There must be a show, thought Harley, but when she turned around, there was no show.

Then, three statues appeared next to the chairs, and suddenly, the statues flew away. Suddenly, a great foggy cloud rolled past the chairs, and they were gone, too. Harley didn’t look where she was going, she tripped and fell into a hole, and saw two strong men holding large rocks.     Then, they started to fight, and Harley wondered why and where she was. 

‘’Excuse me, gentlemen, where am I?’’

‘’You are in the fair land.’’    

‘’What’s that?’’     

‘’Why, it’s the land where everything is fair!’’

‘’Why, that’s impossible!’’

‘’Nothing is impossible.’’

‘’Well, thank you for the information anyway,’ said Harley.

‘’Wait! There’s something I still have a question about-

Too late. The men were already gone.

Chapter 3

On the other side, Harley was waking up. First, she stretched and yawned. Then, without blinking, slowly her eyes opened. Without hesitating, she only realized that it was only a dream.  Today was also the first day of school, so she was so excited.