A wind blew in the courtyard of Pelly Grace. The gray sky filled with clouds moved silently past. Piles of leaves buried the rotted ground. Three or four buildings still as statues lay on the ground. Nothing was stirring or loud. Everything was still as a mouse.

A minute later, the sky seemed to fall, and then, the clouds disappeared. Later, a big blue bird sailed across the sky. It was carrying a message from the past.

It said:

Dear Pelly and Maggie:

There is a wedding at Aunt Maria’s house.

Will you come?


Bonny D. Grace

Of course, the bird was sending the letter to Pelly and Maggie. Later, when Maggie and Pelly discovered the wedding, they both laughed and jumped up and down. Then, they wore the finest dresses they could find. They practiced their manners.                                                                               

  ‘’I can’t believe that we are going to our aunt’s wedding!’’ cried Maggie.

‘’Me too,’’ said Pelly. Their mom was going to drive them. When they got there, they realized that they had to wait.

‘’ Maggie! Come on, you need to be the flower girl,’’ called Aunt Maria.

Too bad. Pelly did not like waiting and wanted to be the flower girl.                               

Why choose that innocent girl named Maggie? thought Pelly. She felt like wrecking a wedding. The decorations were up, everything was ready except the guests were not there yet. When their mom wasn’t looking, Pelly tore the paper decorations off, took off the flowers from the chairs, and stomped her feet until they hurt. By that time, mom noticed and ran to Pelly.

‘’Look what you’ve done!’’ cried mom. She was so angry that she almost exploded.

The decorations were ripped into shreds and the flowers were spilled on the ground.

                ‘’I was just so upset!’’


                ‘’It’s not fair that Maggie is the flower girl.’’

                ‘’I understand.’’

                ‘’Let’s all fix this together.’’

They picked the flowers up and once settled them on the chairs. Then, they taped the decorations back where they belong. When the wedding started, they were all happy.


You never know if there is a happy ending after a horrible problem in the very middle.