Splat! The paint litter dropped on the sidewalk. ‘’Uh oh!’’cried Lily. ‘’Mom’s gonna be mad at me.’’Lily dashed to her friend Gwen’s house. ‘’Mom’s gonna kill me, mom’s gonna kill me,’’ Lily sang. ‘’No, she’s not gonna kill you,’’ replied Gwen. ‘’But she’s gonna be furious at me,’’ whispered Lily sadly. ‘’I was permitted for a job, clean my room.’’ ‘’I think I can help you with that,’’ smiled Gwen.’’But, you have to let me come into your room.’’ Now, Lily was worrying about Gwen getting mad!

Chapter 2

‘’We’ll organize your room first, and then we’ll paint your room afterward, replied Gwen. There were tissues on the floor, candy wrappers in the bed, and books that were not arranged right. I don’t understand why there is so much junk in your room.’’The candy wrappers were in the sunny yellow cushions, and they were all stuck on one end, nobody could scratch them off the bed. First, they had to empty the bed. They dumped the bed pillows onto the floor. They scattered the cushions on the table. ‘’We’ll try to clean out the candy wrappers by ripping the cushions,’’ sighed dear friendly Gwen. They had no choice, so they had to get new cushions from the furniture-friendly storage place.

Chapter 3

Lily and Gwen dumped the cushions in the cushion garbage bin. They rummaged around the desk to see if there were candy wrappers, too. Next, they checked the floor to see if there were any tissues scattered to attract mice. Then, they cleared the shelf to avoid cockroaches. Now, everything was settled into place except the bed and the walls. ‘’Now, it’s time to go to the storage,’’ exclaimed Gwen.

Chapter 4

‘’Off together!’’ shouted Lily. They got all of their money and off they went. They saw pink cushions and orange cushions, but they didn’t see yellow cushions, so they end up getting orange cushions. When they arrived home, they pulled up the cushions onto the bed. Then, they started to paint the walls turquoise. Gwen painted the bottom, while Lily painted the top.

Chapter 5

Mom came home early, but Lily and Gwen were already done. ‘’Wow! Said mom as she looked around the room. Lily and Gwen had a huge smiles on their faces. ‘’Well, the reward for cleaning your room is going on a camping trip.’’Now and then, Lily never forgot to clean her room again.